Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It works!

Wow, so holding myself accountable on here really does work! I got so much done today and am quite happy with myself. First off, the routines: I made the bed and got ready for the day right after my post this morning and proceeded to clean up the kitchen from my morning of making coffee and putting all ingredients in the bread machine. Okay, I didn't shower today, so no moisturizing for me (something I want to work on).

Now for my to do list for the day: I got laundry finished and put away all clothes that were clean before laundry and once freshly clean. I even managed to handwash some clothes that have probably been sitting in a "I need to be handwashed" pile for quite possibly a year. Since I have limited floor space in the bathroom (since they have to lay on the floor and out of Penny's reach) I only laundered 5 and have 2 dresses and a couple shirts to go. Who knows how long it will take them to dry as I cannot squeeze a lot of water out of them with my weak little hands. Once the bread was finished, I decided to attempt to make some buns (which were actually dinner rolls). Not sure how they could work for hamburgers so I will be on a search for bun recipes.
I also printed coupons and went to HyVee. Spent exactly $40 with a savings of nearly $9. Every little bit counts! Then, I may have gotten a bit lazy this afternoon. I had more things on my list that I could have done, but I decided to treat myself to reading Harry Potter. Since 3:30, I have read 7 chapters! In there I also managed to make some homemade pizza dough (in the bread machine). It worked fabulously! You can either have it as 1 thick crust or 2 thin crusts. We just did one thick crust tonight and I plan to see what the thin crust will be like next time. Mmmm pepperoni, green pepper, and onion!
Before going to HyVee I made out a menu plan for the rest of this week and next week in order to do two weeks shopping at a time instead of one at a time. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and used gift cards. Including the amount used from gift cards I will have spent $55.28 on two weeks worth of groceries. So, a little over $5 more than I want to spend ($25 a week) but I believe it was well worth it. By well worth it, I mean a gallon of Blue Bunny ice cream for a mere $3.99, even cheaper than all of the off brands! I have every intention of attempting to keep it to $20 the next time grocery shopping comes along.

Tomorrow's to do list:
Daily routines
Tidy the 'desk'
Go through my Dani folder that has a mess of student loans and other important papers
Clean out my car
Find simple shredded chicken recipes
Post wedding pictures
More job hunting

Off to read

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