Monday, July 26, 2010

On Task

I feel that I have been doing a decent job of staying on a few of my tasks, such as making the bed, meal planning, and having a list of what I need to accomplish. The last two of those however I seemed to throw out of my mind last night. But that's okay because it was a fun night with Jesse and I will catch up this morning!

What was so fun you may ask? Well, we were pretty excited about our supper plans. Sweet corn, baked potatoes, and breaded chicken with a bit of homemade honey mustard. It was all great! While we were making supper we enjoyed a few episodes of one of our favorite shows on DVD: How I Met Your Mother. After supper we drove to a park to go for a walk on the trail. I thought that it was very cool. I didn't quite feel like I was in town anymore, even though I was smack in the middle of it! Plus there is even a barn and a silo. In some places of the trail you only see green tall grass, trees, the barn, and hear the river rapids near you. We came back home and it was time for Penny to get a bath and then model her brand new collar. Jesse and I then played scrabble while I ate some ice cream with a brownie and Jesse delicately tasted some Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. After the game (we both aren't so good) I had just enough time to read a chapter before heading to bed.

Today's to do list:
Daily routines
Job search
Meal plan
Tidy up the 'clutter zones'
Major bathroom clean
Recipe search

Today's Menu:
Jesse Lunch - eat out since he has to be at the office in Clear Lake today
Dani Lunch - Some sort of sandwich (tuna, grilled cheese, or PBJ) on homemade bread
Supper - Lasagna and our last two pieces of sweet corn

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