Sunday, September 05, 2010


We did it. We bought a Ninja! I've been going crazy over this thing since the first infomercial I saw for this amazing piece of machinery.

I am pumped!!! So here is a short version of the process we went on to get the Ninja. We decided that it was a good time to buy a few things we've been wanting or needing off of our Target wedding registry with the 10% off coupon.

The crazy thing about our Target registry is that we could keep adding items to our registry after the wedding and up until we used our coupon! Which of course led me on an online 'shopping' spree where I ended up loading on a ton more things that I would like to have in the off chance we decided to buy with 10% off. The complete series of Friends, anyone?! Of course Jesse was the voice of reason and we only bought a few items. Sadly for me, Friends will have to wait.

Remember how I posted that I was going to try my first protein shake earlier this week? Well it was an epic fail! I wasn't able to get the powder to stir in and we don't have anything to shake it up in. Hence my grand idea to place a blender on our registry.

We went to see what we could find for Target's online blenders and started a bit of research (Jesse) and adding to our registry like crazy (me). I thought we had a bunch of good choices on our list and was confident that at least one of them would be in the store, I started packing up my coupons and getting ready to head out the door. Jesse was still on the computer. Then asked me why I never looked or thought to put the Ninja on our registry.

That was a great question as I wanted to purchase as soon as the infomercial showed all the great things that can be done with it. Blend ice, chop onions, make ice cream! Honestly, I just figured it was one of those things that are only on infomercials and not sold in stores. Or if they were sold in stores, I figured it would be way out of our price range. But lo and behold, it was at Target AND for the same price as the cheapest blender on our list. SCORE!

We bought it and I was ready to test it out with a Peanut Butter Chocolate flavored protein shake. Add the tiny bit of ice we had in the freezer, dump in some milk, scoop the protein powder in and pulse the button.

Jesse really enjoyed the fruits of our labor. Yuuummmmmmyy. I will have to get use to the bit of gritty-ness the protein powder leaves in the drink.

After using it once, I came up with a couple other reasons other than it's awesome name why I think I will like this better than a normal blender. I think it will take up just as much space but is still pretty awesome. It has two levels of blades instead of just one spinning at the bottom of the pitcher. The motor is easily removed, literally just lift it up, and don't have to worry about it getting dirty at all. The blades and whole entire device is easy to clean. I had troubles with our old blender trying to twist the bottom off of it where the blades are. It comes with one big, regular pitcher and also a smaller one (that has it's own set of blades). Both of them come with lids so you can just lift out the blades, put the lid on and place in the 'fridge. Double score!

Can you tell that I am excited?!

In other news, I'm sure you can tell that I've learned how to post pictures. Well the weather is changing and Autumn is rolling in. We finally did some rearranging and decided to put up a couple of pictures. We got this little puppy as a wedding gift and it reflects the new season quite nicely in my opinion.

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  1. I would now like a ninja and that beautiful s picture...but with an l.