Monday, August 15, 2011

Made it!

Well, I made it through the rest of last week (for the most part) staying away from getting sucked into the computer and work.

Wednesday I went crazy doing some cleaning and then finally finished up a tank top dress I'd been working on. More on that later.

Thursday I babysat my brother's oldest and youngest daughters. We chatted, made Bethany a hair clip, went for a short walk, and watched Beauty and the Beast (the 'for the most part' part).

Friday Jesse and I went out to eat, hung out, and then went over to some friends for quality bonding time.

Saturday I did some shopping and then got ready for a wedding. After the reception we headed back home for Jesse's Mom's bday. We ended up chatting the night away until almost 3am!

I don't want to go right back to being on the computer and watching TV again so here's my plan for the week:
Monday - I'm still recovering from the late night weekend so I'll be catching up on my blogs (after the daily cleaning and while doing some laundry) then going to bed early again.
Tuesday - Daily cleaning and sanding down a coffee table we rescued from a dumpster.
Wednesday - Daily cleaning and finish any sanding that needs to be done and either finish a clutch I started or sand down the end table that we also rescued from a dumpster.
Thursday - Go to the state fair!
Friday - Head home for more quality bonding time with family.

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