Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Organized Home - Day 8

Day 8 Assignment from Money Saving Mom

:: Get dressed in something that makes you feel great today.
       Well, going two days in a row felt good to me today. Maybe tomorrow I won't wake up with a headache and tension in my neck that makes me want to stay snuggled up while I work. Didn't change my ability to work! Still got a lot done during the workday and was surprised what got accomplished around the house after I closed up shop!

:: Make a list of 5-7 specific tasks to accomplish today based on your weekly goals
       - Work on my TV stand project (COMPLETE - spent an hour on it today. Getting close to being done!)
       - Shop for some hardware and shelving for the TV stand project (COMPLETE!)
       - Check out Hobby Lobby for some crafting supplies (COMPLETE!)
       - Buy a turkey for Thanksgiving (COMPLETE!)
       - Move furniture around in the basement with Jesse's help (COMPLETE!)

:: Set timer for 10 minutes and go through your messiest dresser drawer.
       Well, I didn't completely read this part until just now typing it out. The messiest dresser drawer part is what I missed. I just read messiest drawer. So, I went through the sort of catch all drawer in our kitchen.


:: Wipe down all door handles in your home
       I tried to be a little bit of an overachiever in this category. Not only did I wipe down all the door handles, I also wiped down all the light was pretty easy considering light switches are generally next to doors.

Wahoo...what a great feeling of getting so much accomplished!

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  1. Funny, I missed the dresser part when I read it too!!