Monday, July 05, 2010

The Beginning

As the description of this blog states: I believe that we are never complete. We are constantly in progress. My goal for this blog is to keep a record of the progress I have made in many different areas of my life. It will hold me accountable to myself and show my strengths and weaknesses through trial and error.

For the past few weeks if not months, I have had many ideas floating around in my head. Some of them are simply activities or projects that I want to do someday,while others are goals that I have for my life and our marriage. Then there are the simple daily tasks that I want to make a routine in my everyday life. There are so many ideas in my head that I need to get them all out like 'idea vomit.' I tend to have a dream of something I want to do one day and the next I can't remember what that dream was (which is a bit scary and annoying, if you ask me). I have been inspired by friends and others out there in the blog world. I hope that this blog will give me a place to have all of these items saved to one spot where I can go back and look at them to remind myself of goals and projects. This blog will take us through the story of my life.

I am starting a brand new chapter of this life and have no idea where it is going to take me. So new in fact that it is a bit scary while exciting at the same time! In the past month and a half, I have graduated with a master's degree in accounting and gotten married! So many things are happening all at once, yet I feel that I haven't done a whole lot recently (at least since I am no longer planning a wedding!). I went from being busy with wedding planning, studying for finals, finishing final projects, working a part time job, and learning how to care for a new puppy to being married, having a degree, searching for a job, and almost understanding what our puppy wants. It seems to have all screeched to a halt and now I need to decide where to go from here. I don't have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off making sure to get what seems to be a never ending task list done before a certain time. Now that I have no set deadlines, I have found myself becoming more and more lazy. It's time to end the laziness and get things done! That's where this blog comes in.

Since I love making lists (I've been known to make a list of lists), you will probably see quite a few in the coming days. I hope to add to them regularly as ideas come to my head and update my progress on the older items. I know that I won't succeed in every goal that I set but I will do my best to put forth a valiant effort. Through this there will be many trials and errors, I'm sure. I just hope the successes out weigh the errors by at least a small margin. I will learn what works best for me in different areas of life.

There are many tasks that I want to become daily routine and this is where I shall begin. It will take a long time to make these habits and even longer still because I plan to add to them. I can't start off today having 40 brand new things that I want to make sure I do every day. That would just be setting myself up for failure. So, with that being said, my first trial will be to make a list of those tasks I want to become second nature and pick a couple to do everyday and then after a few days of success add some more to my plate. I will keep building on my routine. There is no doubt in my mind that it will change as I find what works for me and what doesn't, but that is pretty much the definition of trial and error, right?

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