Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Catch up

I suppose the best place to start is where I left off on Friday:
Jesse and I went home and met my parents for supper in town. For some odd reason, I always crave cheese balls when I am in our hometown. So I satisfied my craving with a wonderfully greasy meal of cheese balls and french fries with seasoning salt. Once we were home it was time to get straight to work. We went through the few boxes of our stuff that got sent home in April when we went from pretty much a two bedroom apartment to an efficiency first. Most of this was frames and decorations that we had in the apartment and all of my photos and scrapbooking supplies. Not very much to get rid of there. Then we headed upstairs.

There are still a lot of things from my bridal shower that are at home since we don't exactly have room for them yet. So, I couldn't resist going through them all and showing Jesse all the great things we got and will someday put to good use (fun plastic summer plates and cupcake pedestal and plates anyone?!). Then it was on to my old room that has been housing things from my dorm room days. There were a TON of pens and pencils and they were everywhere! I swear I could fill a shoe box up with them! We will never again have to buy writing utensils in our lives. Jesse, Mom, and Carla all sat there with me going through things and I even began reminiscing (go figure). We came across pictures that I took in photography class while in high school. Many pictures of my nephew were in there, drooly chin and all.

Then it was on to the five garbage bags full of clothes. These clothes have been piling up since middle school it looked like. Every time I would clean out my drawers I would bag them up and put the bag in the spare room for Mom to take to a second hand store. She has never quite gotten around to it! ;) So to the garage sale they go! By this time, I was pretty tired of going through things and did not want to deal with all these old clothes. I ended up throwing them in a huge box and making Jesse carry them down the stairs. I left that dreaded task for this Friday when I go home to price everything. I have a feeling that many of the clothes will not even make it to the garage sale and get thrown out or marked FREE.

We woke up to a wonderful summer day out in the beautiful Iowa country. Since we both grew up on farms, only a mile apart, it is always refreshing to look out the window and see all the green grass and fields along the gravel roads. Jesse and I have just now started to realize the dream of living in the city isn't the dream that we really want. More on that later. We ate maidrites and headed to start going through all of Jesse's possessions. In his room he went from two huge tubs of stuff to one 3/4 tub of things to keep, one 1/2 full tub of things to sell and one large bag of garbage. Next was much of the more recent items and things from our old apartment again. We weeded through that stuff over the next few hours and felt like we were really getting rid of a lot plus there was a bunch of garbage!

After that, we went on a drive with his parents to look for a fifth wheel camper. We looked at some that were older and for sale by owners and then we went to the RV dealer. It was all out of the price range but still so much fun to look at. It amazes me what people may buy. The first one we stepped into was the biggest and baddest. It was huge! Two leather recliners, a leather pull out sofa, massive flatscreen HD TV, full kitchen, king size bed. I mean it was all out! It even had a small flatscreen TV in the bedroom and a fireplace in the living room! It was crazy. I think it was about $70,000. I told Jesse we could just live in this place, no need to rent an apartment or buy a house!

We ended the day with watching a movie and chatting.

We didn't do a whole lot on Sunday, which I think is our goal for every Sunday. We slept in 'til 9:00. I can't believe that waking up at 9:00 has become sleeping in for me! I knew that it would be one day when I have a job, but I don't yet and it has turned to sleeping in! I get up when Jesse gets ready for work so I don't feel like the morning is wasted away by sleeping. Look at me, becoming a grown up! Tony and Jesse worked on my car. It was a lot of trial and error to make it so the alarm doesn't go off every time the door is opened. Penny and I played fetch outside. It was so awesome to be outside and not worry about her needing to be on a leash because of cars or other people and dogs.

On our way home we got an invitation to watch the fireworks that had been postponed from the week before with our friends Dom and Katie, and I was excited! We finally remembered to bring our little charcoal grill back with us so we decided to put it to good use. My burger was coated in Lawry's seasoning and had a bit of Italian seasoning sprinkled on it. Jesse put some a little of Lawry's on his and a load of Cajun seasoning. It was fun sitting outside to grill and I'm sure we will do it at least once weekly for the rest of the summer!

After a bit of cleaning, it was time to find our spot for the fireworks. We picked up Dom and Katie and headed to Jack Trice stadium where we found prime parking. Since we were there about an hour early we sat in the car or outside just chatting and being our goofy selves. I love how goofy Dom and Katie are and I think it brings a bit of goofiness out in both Jesse and me. Then off went the fireworks! Did I ever feel like a little kid. It was so much fun, though I dare say after we got into it a ways, I did get a bit bored since it is like one firework at a time. But the finale was great! A few mosquito bites later we were home.

The past couple days have been filled with mostly job hunting. I found out on Friday that I didn't get the job that I was hoping for and that I thought I had in the bag. I recovered from being upset at both the people I was in contact with and myself over the weekend and started the hunt again on Monday afternoon. Hopefully something will show itself soon. We are very lucky that we are able to live and even save some money right now, so it isn't imperative that I find a job, but it would be nice. I met with a staffing agency Tuesday morning and they gave me hope. I know, that's their job but it made me feel better.

Even though I'm not making any money, it was time to spend some money. I went to Younkers to purchase the rest of our Fiestaware dinnerware and an Emeril pots and pans set. I'm so excited for both of them! However, a bit nervous since I've never used stainless steel pots and pans before.

When I got home, I took Penny for an hour long walk. Not the best of ideas since it was sooooo hot outside. I think the heat index was in the 100's. When we got back we both downed a bunch of water and relaxed on the futon. I started not feeling well after a few hours. I thought it could be that I needed food so I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich for supper. Mmmm mmmm good. But, that didn't fix it. I got the goosebumps and was really cold. So I got into some sweats, curled up with a blanket and started reading some Harry Potter! Then when Jesse got home (at 9:00) I was feeling a bit better and he offered to go on a jog. I wasn't feeling that much better and said I would take him up on a leisurely walk. Even though it was dark outside, boy was it still hot. I felt so gross when I got home from the two walks that I jumped in the shower before heading to bed.

Routines Update:
I haven't been doing the best job the past couple of days, but am vowing to pick it up today....even though my body is sore from yesterday. Wow, I need to walk more!

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