Monday, July 05, 2010

Ready, Go

Check out the Routines and Habits tab for a full list of what I hope to accomplish. As new items pop into my head, which are likely often, I will add them to the list. For this reason, the list is in no particular order. I'm going to start off the week by not attempting to start all of these habits at once, but I will select three to start. I can always build on them!

1. Make the bed. Why is Mom always right? This probably wouldn't be a big deal to me if we lived in an apartment where the bed is not seen. However, this is not the case. We live in a 580 square foot studio apartment. Anyone that comes over can stand pretty much anywhere in the apartment and see the entire place. For this reason, it makes sense for our bed to be made, and I've been severely lacking in this department. If our bed is made then our apartment instantly looks cleaner. I have also gotten into the decluttering phase recently. The 'bedroom' area will look less cluttered if the bed is made and not all rumpled up.

2. Get ready for the day instead of changing from pajamas into lounge clothes. I believe that this will get me motivated to get things done during the day instead of sitting like a lump on the futon watching the TV and being on the internet. Remember, I want to have a lazyectomy? This way if I decide that I need to run to the store or anywhere in public for that matter, I won't put it off because I am unsatisfied with how I look for the day.

3. Clean kitchen messes as they are made. The reason I am selecting this one is similar as to why I want to make the bed everyday. The kitchen can always be seen so if it is as clean as possible, the clutter will be out of my mind and the living area can be enjoyed more.

These are the areas that I will focus on this week. I hope to update daily on my progress. Once I have completed each of these tasks I plan to either move on to another item on the Routines and Habits list or do other general things that need to be done around our place. For instance, we just moved and many random things need to find a place. I also want to continuously declutter. This means going through drawers and throwing out things we do not need or put in a box to give away or put on a garage sale. Also since our wedding was just a few weeks ago, I have many thank yous to finish and get mailed out. I got probably 80% of them done early last week, but that last 20% I an having difficulty finishing. This will be moved to the top of my to do list. I'm not sure how to tackle them. Do the rest all at once and get them out of the way, or grab a stack each day until they are done, spending half an hour a day writing thank yous. Either way, they need to get done. Plus there is always cleaning and laundry that can be done!

Along with these items, I am making it a goal to send lunches with Jesse 4 of the 5 days this week (have to let him have his beloved Chinese Homestyle Cooking) and not eat out for supper during the week. This will be very difficult for the both of us! We love eating out, especially getting pizza. But this is something that needs to be done in order to save a little extra cash.

Here we go!

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