Tuesday, July 06, 2010

First Day Check!

The first day of attempting to get a routine and habits formed has been successful thus far! I even went a bit above and beyond. To kick off the routine I washed the sheets of our bed so we are starting fresh. Okay, it wasn't exactly by choice. Our puppy decided to have an accident early this morning in bed. This is very frustrating considering she hasn't had any form of accidents for over a month now. So the bedding is washed and the bed is made.

I also kicked off the kitchen by cleaning it before it was used. This may seem a bit silly to some, but that way I can see how the kitchen area should always look. After preparing my lunch today, which consisted of roast beef, potatoes, and corn leftovers, I cleaned the counters and either washed or put all dishes in the dishwasher immediately after eating.

With the great progress in the first two areas, I kind of lacked in the getting ready in the morning department. I got ready in my shortcut way today. No shower, minimum makeup, and hair in a ponytail. The reason for this can also be attributed to our doggy, Penny. She has had some bathroom problems of late (perhaps why she had an accident?). She whines in almost a crying matter while having her morning poop and we have found blood in it. So an early morning call to the vet with hopes of taking her in immediately after shortened my get ready schedule.

Extras: On top of my goals for today that I accomplished I have also done a few other tasks already this morning and have errands planned for this afternoon. I started with some sorting/organizing/decluttering that has been on my to do list for quite awhile. As of right now I have made a bigger mess, but will get it cleaned up this afternoon. I made some bread. Okay, okay, the bread machine made it. But, I decided what to make and put the ingredients in! It was my first try in the bread maker. I did leave out one ingredient since I did not have it: dry milk solids. Perhaps this is why it turned out so flat? Or could it simply be because I made the smallest loaf possible? Yes, I did put the proper amount of yeast in! I also ran a quick errand to the vet this morning to drop off some of Penny's droppings to be tested for parasites. Well, she doesn't have them so back to the vet we go this afternoon to look for the root of the cause. I also plan to stop by the bank to make some wedding fund deposits (yay for wedding cards and cash!) then to the grocery store to pick up less than 10 things that we need for the week's menu. I hope to spend under $25. This will be another goal I will attempt soon. A month's worth of groceries for $100 or less. It is just the two of us plus the doggy so I think we can do it. The same time I start that, I also hope to cut back our eating out to once a week. Well, I should look for some coupons before the store! On the menu for tonight: Honey-glazed ham sandwiches. I got these from one of my best friends and they are spectacular! I can never decide if I like them fresh when they are warm, or cold the next day.

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