Monday, July 26, 2010

Hobby ideas?

Well, I got through everything that I wanted to do today before it was even lunch time! Guess I need to find more things to do. I found myself itching to do something with my hands and there is nothing here for me to do. I wanted to be crafty but at the same time don't want to spend a dime. Any ideas? I've found some great frugal ideas that I can use to decorate, but that also requires making some purchases that I just don't feel are necessary. I've also done some researching today on a couple of things I find interest in: CPA Exam and layering textures with pictures in Photoshop. Now if only I could upgrade from CS2 to CS5!

Tomorrow's to do list:
Take Penny on a nice long walk in the morning, no matter the weather
Take all the cans/bottles from the apartment and Jesse's trunk to be redeemed
Bring the clothes back in that didn't sell at the garage sale and put away
Clean the rest of the inside of the car out
Research CPA exam even more

Tomorrow's menu:
Jesse lunch - sloppy joe and tuna sandwiches
Dani lunch - Sandwich
Supper - Chicken quesodillas

**As a note to the meal plan for today, it didn't quite go as planned. I ended up not having everything required to make the lasagna so made meat loaf instead. I will buy the noodles with money I get from returning cans.**

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  1. You could get into digital scrapbooking. I've downloaded quite a few kits. My guess is they'd work on CS2, but I haven't tried. And you wouldn't have to spend a dime, just do the pages and sometime in the future when you're making big bucks, you could print them out if you wanted.