Thursday, July 22, 2010

On the hunt

Well, today didn't go quite as planned. Jesse had to get up extra early to go to the other office in Clear Lake today, which means Penny and I fell back asleep. And didn't have an alarm to wake we got up at 10....

The rest of the day was literally almost completely devoted to the job hunt. I decided to make a folder of various websites to check every morning to see if anything new has been posted. This way I don't get confused on what I have already looked at and spend more time searching than need to. I'm thinking it will work out quite well. So, I wanted to get everything 'up to date' so that all I have to do tomorrow is look to see what has been posted today/tomorrow morning. Well, I happened to stumble upon six more jobs to apply for! Which took me quite awhile to get through since all of them I had to not only submit my resume but also fill out the online application which is basically my copying and pasting from my resume to the site. Then all but one of them I sent a cover letter with as well, and needed to make sure that it was tailored to that specific job.

Other random things I did today: Place the fan on the clothes that I handwashed yesterday as most of them are still pretty wet (even still wet tonight!). Realized at 1:00 that I had planned to cook a chicken today for supper and should have had it in earlier. Ooops! Luckily I also had a few chicken quarters that I put in and cooked faster than a whole chicken would and the cooking worked out fine. I did tidy up the 'desk' table like I had on my to do list. Other than that, everything from the list I posted yesterday will get shifted to tomorrow.

Cooking mishap of the day: slamming finger in drawer. I literally lost my voice for a few short seconds because I believe that I could not completely comprehend the pain. Screaming, squealing, squeaking, and sobbing ensued. Penny was barking at me in a very concerned matter. I don't think she could quite figure out what was going on. After that (the beginning of cooking gravy, potatoes, and noodles), I was in a funk and didn't feel like I was cooking anything right at all. I think I was a bit depressed the rest of the time I was cooking. After getting over the pain (it still hurts to press it even as I am typing), I would randomly have a little sob-fest. It was quite odd. Right now there is a tinge of green and a line of reddish-purple on my nail, so we will see what lovely color I wake up to in the morning.

Tomorrow to-do list:
Carry over today's list
Meet Dad to get some homegrown sweet corn! YAY!!
Hope the clothes are finally dry and put them away
Shower, shave, cut/paint nails, and relax.

Tomorrow's meals:
Jesse - leftover sloppy joes
Dani - leftover casserole or PB&J
Supper - Grill burgers and possibly homemade fries or grilled potatoes

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