Friday, July 23, 2010

Organizing + Clutter + Me = Constant Battle

The title pretty much sums it up! I am in a constant battle with organizing and clutter. It doesn't help that we are in such a small apartment so any one thing, no matter its size, that is left out seems to take up space or get in the way. Alas, I need to remind myself that if we had a bigger apartment, then there would probably be much more being left out and take longer to put things away when I let them go as long as I do now.

Here an example of a problem: I have a place for everything in the bathroom, yet I'm still too lazy to put it away. Really, how hard is it to move my makeup bag from the counter into the bottom drawer when finished?!

How to work on it: Remind myself every time I use something that if left out it will only annoy me later, so, put it back in its home.

Almost everything we own has its own 'home' or place it should be put away. My problem is plain and simple: laziness. I need to get over my laziness, smack it in the face and say, "Take that! I'm putting my things away!" This goes back to one of my daily tasks that I need to add to my list to do every day. In the door, in its place or in most cases: get it, use it, put it away.

I should also add do my daily tasks spending 10-15 minutes decluttering/organizing/cleaning. I should do this twice a day, but will start out small and once a day before supper. This way it doesn't feel like a daunting task that I have to undertake after I clean up the kitchen area. Plus, after supper I usually want to relax and enjoy time with Jesse and Penny. The new task makes me think of the show on PBS called The Big Comfy Cough. Loonette the clown would always have a "Ten Second Tidy" at the end of an episode where she would run around and pick up everything that has been used that day. All she would have to do is shove the items like a rubber chicken or hula hoop into the couch. Maybe thinking of Loonette while having my own ten minute tidy will make the task more enjoyable?

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