Friday, July 09, 2010

Routines & Habits Update

As I am sitting here planning out the day ahead of me, I have noticed that there have been items on my Routines and Habits goal list that I have been doing decently regularly. Case in point: Mail. I decided one night earlier in the week to go through all of my emails (a massive task) and sort the ones I wanted to keep and delete the many I no longer needed. Ever since then I have been sorting as they come. Straight to garbage if I don't need them or into another folder. I have signed up for many email lists in the past, so I have been unsubscribeing from most of them as they come in. We have yet to check the mail this week, so this afternoon may test our sorting actual mail abilities. ;)

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize - It's not quite a routine yet, but when I have been putting lotion on when I get out of the shower. Since I'm not a daily shower type of gal I don't apply lotion daily. So my next goal is to add the lotion to my daily morning routine of getting ready.

In the door, in its place - This has been going well. But, we haven't brought many things inside the apartment besides our shoes, my purse, and Penny. We did buy toilet paper and batteries last night plus groceries earlier in the week, but those are things that pretty much automatically get put away anyways.

Make meal plan for the following week - I did that on Monday and we pretty much stuck to it. Just shuffled a few meals around. I think I'll add making a menu plan for next week to my list of things to do today.

Family game night - This has actually been happening without my planning. Jesse and I had a few games before the wedding shoved under a dresser. Then we got 4 games as gifts! Now we have them stacked on top of the dresser. We see them and actually play! I'm somewhat surprised that when I ask to play a game Jesse has been all about saying yes and he has even been the one to ask to play sometimes! I love it. The hardest part is deciding which game we want to play.

Clothes put away - I've been doing a decent job of this. There are three reasons for this though, I do believe. One is that I did laundry on Wednesday and everything got put away. I also went through all of our clothes on Wednesday to take home for the garage sale. So everything got put away AND reorganized! The third reason is that it seems like everything I have worn the past couple of days has gotten dirty. It is much easier to take it off and throw it right into the hamper than folding it up and putting it away (I believe things can be worn multiple times before washing as long as they don't get dirty and you don't sweat like crazy).

Limit TV time - I have been doing better on this. I do have to admit though that I put in Friends yesterday and went through almost the entire 10th season. But hear me out! I had it on as background noise like I regularly do with music. I've gone through the entire series of Friends more times than I can count, so I know every episode (except season 7 as it doesn't play) by heart and don't need to watch it. Ah, how I love Friends. So, I'm telling myself that having Friends on doesn't count as watching TV. What I do have a problem with is that I am an HGTV addict! I've started to know the daytime schedule and tend to turn it on at 11:00 because there are two episodes of House Hunters on. I love that show!
We haven't had the TV on at night as much either. I think this could be because the TV is off when Jesse gets home so he either helps me finish making supper or it is ready and we sit down to eat and chat about our day. This is great and I cannot wait until we have a kitchen table to sit down to together. As long as we have been living together we haven't had a kitchen that has space for a table or dining area. We have resorted to eating out of our laps or pulling up a fold up table to the futon. Since the only place to sit is in front of the TV, we usually just watched TV as we ate. This week has been so nice not having the TV on while eating.

Decluttering and cleaning - I haven't been setting aside time to declutter, I just kind of do it when there is nothing else for me to do. It is really making me feel better. Don't get me wrong, we still have a ton of crap sitting around everywhere. We just don't have much space right now or any storage space for that matter, so we have to make do. Having the garage sale is a large part of why I have been decluttering. Man, I hope we can sell stuff! But if not, it is all going to a second hand store (with the exception of a few clothing items).

Here are the things I want to work on and what I am adding to my plate for next week:
-Make bed every morning
-Get ready every morning
-Clean the kitchen as I go
-Moisturize as part of my morning routine
-Meal plan
-Sort mail
-Make a task list for the next day (This way I don't have to work on it in the morning)
-Keep a getting ready for bed routine (This will be the hardest thing for me to do. Once I decide I want to get into bed, that is all I can think about and I want to do absolutely nothing else.)
-Take Penny on a daily walk (Hopefully she starts feeling better and will be up for these walks. Right now she doesn't even want to go outside. I either have to drag her out or pick her up and place her in grass to go to the bathroom. We think this is because she is in pain when makes number two in the morning and doesn't want that to happen when she goes outside.)

So pretty much the last three things are what is new to the daily routine and habit goals. I will update on them and if I have any issues with the routines I made this week (aka not doing them) then I will have to report on those again. But really, who honestly cares if I make my bed every morning?

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