Friday, July 09, 2010

Thank you!

It is done! The Thank yous are finally complete. Well, all except for a couple that I need updated addresses for. This is a big relief as it has been on my list for over a week now. Jesse wrote the ones I wanted him to last night and I popped them in the mail this morning! It felt so good placing them all in there.

Yesterday was also a success in the fact that I did all routine tasks that I wanted to do, and in record time! However, that honey mustard turkey breast was another epic fail. There are a few reasons why it could have failed: 1) it's not a great meal anyways and we wouldn't have liked it even if it was made by a gourmet chef. 2) the homemade honey mustard ruined it, this is a very good possibility. 3) I screwed it up some other way. We guessed that it was choice number 2, but we most likely won't be trying the recipe again. However, the honey mustard on its own is great! I like it better than any honey mustard I have bought from the store. I've been on the search to find honey mustard like they have at Applebee's, but just can't find it. Jesse things this still has 'a little too much mustard taste, or something.' I may try to add more honey too the mix or mayo, I'm not sure. I even pondered what it would be like if I somehow dissolved some brown sugar in it. If I am feeling like a scientist this afternoon, I may give it a whirl.

Which brings me to what else I should try to get done today. I know that I will go through our cupboards and take out all the old plates, bowls, pots, and pans to take home this weekend for the garage sale! This means that we are finally going to be able to bust out our brand new Fiestaware!!! AAhhhhhhhh and the crowd goes wild! I'm so pumped for our new dinnerware. We plan to go to Younkers to make one very large purchase for the rest of this plates and bowls along with the stainless steel pots and pans. If we don't, not sure how much food I'll be making next week without any pots and pans! Oh, the way I attempt to get out of cooking sometimes. Tonight I plan on testing out the pizza dough making abilities of our breadmaker.

What else will I do today? Since it is Friday and I have yet to Swiffer the floor, I will try to do that. I'm sure it will get shoved to the end of my to do list, though. I also need to keep apartment hunting. I have emailed and looked at all of the property management I can think of and many have nothing in our budget or size that allow dogs available. Last night Jesse and I drove around trying to spark ideas of other places to look into since I've gone through as much Google searching as I can. We did find a few more places and I emailed them last night. Hopefully we will hear back today. But I may have to start scoping out craigslist, which is a little scary. But that is how we sublet our old apartment. And the other essential item I need to do today is pack for the weekend!

Car update: Jesse and I got new batteries for my key fob. It wasn't the batteries that were the problem. Apparently it is something else and we don't know what that something is. So, again I'm choosing to stay in the apartment and not let myself go to Target for fear of what people will think when I open my car door (to get in or out) and the alarm goes off. The bloody horn is still choosing to work, even though it has barely worked in the past! Great. We will be taking my car home this weekend to see if Jesse's dad has any grand ideas. Until then, I'm going to try to figure out what fuse goes to the horn and remove the beast.

Since I will be home all weekend, there won't be much tasks for me to 'report' on so I'll see you next week! Unless that is, I get some inspiration and find something else to write about! ;)

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