Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Review

Friday was a somewhat productive day. I didn't do everything that I was hoping to, but that happens sometimes. I spent good part of the day again dedicated to my job search. This time I organized all of the sites that I visit frequently into a bookmarks folder. This way I have them all in one spot and can check them quickly every morning to see if something new has been posted in the last 24 hours. This will save me some time by me not having to scroll through everything and remember what I have already looked at and so on. I did quite a bit of cleaning and organizing of our 'desk space'. Then I spent the afternoon uploading wedding pictures. This took much more time than I anticipated and of course when I was getting close to the end, I found a way that would have made it much easier. Never the less, they are posted. We had some friends in town Friday so we got ready and went out on the town to listen to another friend play an acoustic show.

Saturday was filled with outside awesomeness and quality friend time. Jesse ran a few errands in the morning before we were off to watch our friend, Nate, play soccer in the Iowa Games. Then Dom, Katie, and Molly came to our place where we busted out the grill and sat outside. Not too hot, not too cold. I also attempted to make some potato chips by slicing a potato and putting it in tin foil with oil on the grill. It didn't work out the best.
Next, we decided to go to Des Moines to check out Dom's rockin' apartment and hang out downtown. Joe and his puppy Rocco also met us there. We went out to eat at El Bait Shop which was very yummy. They have loads of different kinds of beer to choose from, so of course Jesse made some great choices. A neat way that they do it is that you can choose a flight that consists of 6 kinds of beer and is only $8 for the equivalent of about 3 full beer drinks. They even come in cute little glasses on a board. Pretty nifty. After supper it was time for Molly and Joe to head home, but the rest of us went to Smokey Row for ice cream. It is just a short walk away from Dom's apartment (a very enchanted forest type of neighborhood) and was great! I love the feel of the place. It's almost the perfect mixture of everything I like! Soda fountain, fun coffee house, vintage tables & chairs, exposed brick walls. I enjoy it very much. There was a guy playing acoustic guitar for our entertainment too. It made me feel very relaxed. After the ice cream filled our tummies we went back to Dom's and played some Monopoly. Good times.

Today is most likely going to be filled with relaxing. That is what I think Sunday should be all be about. I have made brownies and blueberry muffins today! Don't worry, I'm still relaxed, they are out of a box. Who can pass up 49cent Betty Crocker brownie mix anyways?! We had, what I think was, a silly lunch. Two ears of sweet corn each with some left over mashed potatoes. It was spectacular! We plan on having more sweet corn for supper along with some breaded chicken and baked potatoes. I'm sure that I will follow that up with ice cream mixed with brownies! Yum.

Overall it has been a great weekend. No, I haven't been cleaning or any sort of working, but progress/productivity has still been made. I feel that our relationships with each other and our friends have been strengthened by sharing good times with each other and isn't that what life should be all about?

Now, if you will excuse me, I will go back to sitting on the futon with Penny listening to Jesse play his guitar.

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