Monday, August 16, 2010

Food Success and Failure

We will start with the success. Chicken Pot Pie! YUM!!

This is pretty simple to make, especially if done the way I did last week. I always start with chicken that I have already cooked. A few weeks ago I had cooked a whole chicken and of course there is always at least two meals worth of chicken leftover. So, I had in my best estimate somewhere between half a pound and a pound of chicken. I'm not great at eying measurements.

I also pre-made the crusts the night before. I didn't want to have to spend half an hour making a crust before making the 'guts' of the pie and baking it because I didn't want to be eating supper at 7:00. I like my meals earlier rather than later! ;) So, I made the crusts Tuesday night and put them in the fridge until I needed them.

I ended up not going to work due to the flood on Wednesday but made the pie anyways. I got the crust out of the fridge to warm to room temperature as I was making the insides of the pie. Put the all of that into the crusted pie pan and flopped the top crust onto it to make.

I 'rolled' out the crust by pressing it into the pie plate and up the edges. So I could keep the top crust in the fridge easier I rolled it out on wax paper. Even if I don't make the crust the night before, I will be rolling it out on the wax paper for sure! It made it so much easier to flop it onto the rest of the pie.

Now the failure of Stuffed Burgers.
I was soooo pumped for this food, but looking back, I should have known that I wouldn't be a huge fan of it considering the amount of balsamic vinegar and neither of us love the stuff. It wasn't a huge flop though because the burgers still tasted great without the balsamic glaze and I liked them without the bruschetta while Jesse like it with the bruschetta. The worst part of the whole thing was that our apartment smelled like vinegar for the next couple of days from reducing the balsamic vinegar.

Now I know and will be forewarned for next time that balsamic vinegar is a big part of the meal, that we won't enjoy it a whole lot.

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