Thursday, August 05, 2010

Magic Number 7

I spent Wednesday morning tidying up. I cleaned the kitchen as it had gotten to be a big mess over the past few days with my ignoring it. I also cleaned up the the desk area and swept and Swiffered the floor. While I was doing all of this, Penny took it upon herself to do a bit of light cleaning: catching and eating a few crickets. Yuck!

After lunch it was time to tackle some of the food I purchased on my big three week shopping trip. I organized what I would be needing in the next few days and decided what should be put in the freezer. To save a few bucks in the future, I bought lots of chicken breasts and a bag of onions. They were both on sale and though we won't be using it all in the next three weeks, Jesse and I will have no problem polishing them off eventually. I spent the hours of 11:30 to 1:45 cutting and bagging 7 pounds of chicken breast and peeling and chopping 7 whole onions to be stored in the freezer. WOW! Of course, the onions took me longer than the chicken, since I didn't cut up all of the breasts. Those 7 medium to large sized onions made 8 1/2 cups of chopped onions! Miraculously I only teared up while peeling the onions. Over 24 hours later, our apartment still smells like onion (even after making bacon for supper).

We are on track with our meal plan so far. Leftovers for lunch and super dogs for supper! In a couple of hours I will begin getting ready to test out Stuffed Burgers! I most likely will tweak the recipe a bit as Jesse and I aren't huge fans of balsamic vinegar. I'm pretty pumped to try them out!

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