Monday, August 02, 2010

Wasting time, making 'money'

You may have noticed a new widget that has been placed below the list of archives to your right. This is for Swagbucks. I read about this site on a blog that a frequent and decided to check it out. I signed up and started using the site. So far I like it a bit and have to spend more time to decide if I will keep up with it.

What is it? I'm not sure how to describe it in my own words, but will try. You create an account and you earn swagbucks by doing certain things. One way is to use it as a search engine. You don't get swagbucks every time you search and I'm not sure how it determines when and the amount that you get but it is simple. The most difficult thing for me is that I am so use to Google that I don't remember to search within this website and I just have this feeling that it won't produce as great of results as Google. After all, it does list sponsored websites first. You can also take surveys after being a member for a week. I have just been able to take my first survey today and it was simple enough. I do have a problem with the fact that I get part way through a survey and it decides that you aren't qualified for the rest of the survey and it boots you without giving you any swagbucks for your time. There are also special offers that you can look through to earn points. One example is that I've watched a couple of videos on Motorola phones for a few points. Another is that I applied for a credit card through Discover. We had been talking about doing this and when I saw that I could make many swagbucks I went for it. You can also make swagbucks by spending money. If you shop online there are many sites that offer swagbucks too. I haven't done this yet so I'm not positive if I understand it correctly. I believe that you start off at the Swagbucks website and can find the item there to buy or get to the proper site via links. Once you purchase the item (regular prices) you also get swagbucks added to your account.

What do you get? After you have racked up enough swagbucks you can purchase things from the swagstore. We will be using it to get $5 gift cards to Amazon as that makes the most sense to us. There are also Target gift cards but they require more bucks than Amazon does. So it is kind of like free money, although it does take time to make swagbucks.

What have I been doing? Besides the examples already given I frequent the special offers to see if there are free things to do to gain swagbucks. If Jesse and I are sitting around watching TV, I will open up the website and do simple searches if I have nothing else I want to be doing. Every once in awhile I will get some swagbucks out of the deal.

So, it simply takes time but if you have nothing better to do like me, it is a way to make a few extra 'bucks' while being online. If you are interested, hit the link to the right to check it out. And if you get there via my link and sign up, I gain some more swagbucks for referring you! ;)

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