Monday, September 13, 2010

A Pumpkin Experiment and Protein Galore

Okay, we didn't actually use a real pumpkin....maybe next time. Anyways, Jesse and I attempted to make Pumpkin Juice. We put all of our own versions of ingredients into the Ninja and tried to blend it into a juice. Which we knew wouldn't happen but we tried anyways.

You see we grabbed a can of pumpkin pie filling as a substitute for using a cheesecloth to juice a pumpkin (it seemed like more work). We also decided that instead of buying pineapple juice, we will just use what comes out of the pineapple when Jesse cut one up to eat for snacks. Well, this time around the pineapple juice went all over the counter instead of into a bowl so what we ended up with was a bit more chunky rather than juicy, along with the mush of pumpkin pie filling.

We ended up straining the entire batch to produce a measly 20 ounces of pumpkin juice. We added the spices and Jesse said it was pretty close to the pumpkin juice that we enjoyed while at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for our honeymoon. He thought that it would taste more like it if we added some sugar but we both decided that it is good enough without the extra dose of nonsense.

And what a great hubby I have, he could tell how excited I was for it and claimed that all he wanted was a couple sips of it. Right now it is chilling in the refrigerator for me to indulge in its awesomeness tomorrow.

I've also been doing some experimentation when it comes to the protein powder that is necessary for me to add into my diet. I don't quite enjoy the powder mixed simply with milk. I can still taste/feel the grainy-ness of the powder as I can never get it to completely dissolve.

I have added it to a few yummy beverages that can be made in the Ninja. One includes 1/2 cup of strong coffee, milk, and ice. I give it a 1 thumb up. The drink was better without the protein powder, but that could be because I have chocolate peanut butter flavored powder.

Next I mixed it in a Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie. The drink is pretty much exactly as it says. Chocolate milk, peanut butter, frozen banana (mine wasn't frozen so I decided to add a bit of ice)! I then decided to add my protein powder to it and I couldn't even tell it was in there. It mixed in perfectly.

This afternoon I made some protein bars. They seemed to have turned out well, but I won't know until I have either my morning or afternoon snack tomorrow. We decided to buy chia seeds instead of flaxseed and I will be putting these little guys in my cereal every morning among other things. Since I don't really like raisins, I decided to use dried cranberries. I hope that this flavor goes well with the rest of the ingredients. I maximized the amount of protein powder her recipe called for in order to pack in as much as possible.

I hope in the next couple of days I will have a post about how the Power 90 program is going. Many thoughts a'wandering in my head.

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