Thursday, September 09, 2010

Questions for You!

Tell me your opinion on a few silly questions I've came up with recently.

1. What temperature do you like to rinse your mouth out with when finished brushing your teeth?

2. When you are in a room, be it your office or a restaurant, do you like the entrance to be to your back or in plain view? Or maybe you don't care or don't even think about it?

My answers:
1. I want the water to be as cold as it can be. The reason this question comes to mind is because I noticed these past couple of weeks that somehow the water is always warm when I rinse my mouth and it always really bugs me! So much so that I have to re-rinse with cold water. Then I realized that Jesse almost always brushes his teeth before me so I asked him how he likes his "rinse water." Sure enough, he likes it warm. Yuck!

2. I would always rather face the entrance. I get this from my mom as she is the same way. It kind of cracks me up thinking about it now because ever since she told me that, I've noticed that Dad knows to sit with his back to the rest of the room so Mom can have the view. Jesse is learning. Now, I've known this about myself for quite some time but always just thought of it in the setting of being in a restaurant. Come to find out, it's the same situation at work. I noticed it on Tuesday....when the 'seating arrangement' (if you will) was changed. I now am the closest to the stairs that everyone uses, which also happens to be next to the restrooms and drinking fountain. It bugs me knowing that someone can come up behind me without my knowing! Also, maybe it's just me being nosy, but whenever someone is walking around back there, I just gotta know who it is and what is going on. This will most likely distract me for the next week or so until I get use to it and move on. Or maybe I will strategically place a mirror where I can see everyone! ;)

What are your thoughts?

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