Thursday, September 09, 2010

Random Food Thoughts

I'll eventually get around to adding a post, that may end up being quite lengthy the longer I wait, about how our working out is going. But for now, I'll touch on how I feel like I've been thinking about food constantly!

First of all, I'm always thinking of what our next meal is going to be. I'm either planning the next week's menu out or going over in my head what I have planned for the next meal along with what I have already done to prepare it and what needs to be done to finish preparing it. I want to keep our meals and snacks healthy, simple, and somewhat close to the Power 90 guidelines.

Next I'm thinking to myself about the next shopping trip to get our week's groceries. I look forward to trying to save and keep within our budget. The newest game I play when we go grocery shopping is to see if we can buy 90% our our food from the items that are around the perimeter of the store. Mmmmm fresh produce, dairy, and meat counter! On the past two trips the only things that we bought on the inside section were thin buns, Wheaties, dried cranberries, raw nuts, and veggie burgers. The worst item in that bunch is probably the veggie burgers as they are a frozen food item so it has a heavy does of sodium, but still not super crazy (290mg). We absolutely love the thin buns! Whole grains, no artificial preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup! Score!

Next, I'm thinking about my food cravings of all the foods I'm missing. Lately it has been anything that includes chocolate, specifically chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, and salted buttery popcorn. I mean, how rude is it that someone makes great smelling popcorn in the office every day! I wonder how long it will be 'til I cave...

I also have to say how much I've enjoyed the salads I've made of late. Nothing fancy and it's the same every time, but I love them! Simply lettuce, feta cheese, parmesan cheese, crumbled Club crackers, and just enough Caesar dressing to lightly dampen the lettuce. So great! I swear I could eat a whole head of lettuce in one meal with all these fixin's!!

Mmmmm isn't food just great?!

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