Thursday, September 02, 2010

Workin' it out

Whew! Today is day four of our Power 90 program and it is working. I was slightly sore after the first two days. Waking up this morning after day three, I am even more sore. Seriously, putting my deodorant on I pressed extra hard to feel 'rub out' the soreness. Know what I mean when you push on sore muscles and it feels good? YES!

We've also been slightly following the food guidelines. It comes with about 6 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus some snack ideas. We've made a couple of them. The tuna sandwich is great and this is how we will make tuna from now on! Just tuna, onion, and hard boiled egg whites. So simple and yummy. I add lettuce and mustard and Jesse uses Tabasco sauce. Plus we have been eating them on these new to us multi grain thin buns. Soooo yummy! However, on the not so good side are the power pancakes. Bleck.

I will also be trying my first protein shake today. We have decided with the extra work that I am doing and the fact that I don't eat so much protein, that I need these shakes. I'm not looking to loose weight, I want to gain weight (not just weight, muscle!). So protein, here I come!

Tonight we will be trying out the Pita Pizza after working out as our prep for the first Cyclone game of the season! We won't be in attendance but we are finding some place that is playing the game on TV, since our lovely DirectTV package doesn't get FSN.

Ahhhhh off to work!


  1. protein is a MUST for your little self if working out. a lot of the blogs i follow that work out a ton have clever ways of adding protein (mostly in different kinds of protein shakes). Let me know if you want links.

    And, yes, ooooof course I check this out :)

  2. Love the thin multi-grain buns! I'm not sure I could do tuna without the mayo...