Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pepper Dud

I'm sure most people have been in the situation Jesse and I were in last night. We were so excited! Pumped up for peppers. Maybe we were a bit too pumped, because we were simply let down. Utterly disappointed.

Let's start from the beginning.

Over the weekend Jesse and I each found a Crockpot meal that we wanted to test out during the week. We wrote down all of the necessary ingredients we didn't have on hand and set out for HyVee to buy them up! One of said Crockpot meals is the one we tried out last night: Stuffed Green Peppers. It was Jesse's find but we were both stoked to dig in.

On Monday night we cleaned out the peppers, prepared the 'stuffing', and then stuffed the peppers. In the morning, all it needed was to be turned on low and have tomato sauce and water poured over the top.

That afternoon, I got home first, and the smell of cooking peppers with onions and garlic greeted me. I was pleasantly surprised how the smell made my tummy rumble and the excitement built as I waited for Jesse to get home so we could devour our victorious meal together.

Jesse got home. We anxiously placed a pepper each on our plates and started to cut. I, now a bit hesitant by the looks of the stuffing, hovered the fork a bit before taking the bite. It was okay, nothing great. But the more bites we both took, the less okay it tasted and the more odd and blah. We added salt and Jesse even tried ketchup and mustard. But we still weren't satisfied.

How could a food with what seems like many different seasonings, plus onions, garlic, and pepper be so bland? Well, we just don't know. If anyone can give us an answer we would love to hear it. My uneducated guess is that the flavor of the pepper cooked right out of it over the 8 hours on low heat. Is that even possible? After all, we could barely taste the green pepper.

Since we weren't satisfied and needed milk for cereal in the morning, we made a quick trip to HyVee and also picked up some microwave popcorn. Popped it up, put it in one of my favorite bowls, and watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory to cheer ourselves up!

Have you had any recipes that have fallen much shorter than you expected? What are they? Because I want to stay away from them!

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