Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dani's hopes and dreams update

Why not update how I'm getting along on my list of to do's for the year 6 days after deciding them? Might as well keep myself accountable!

-After work routine: Starting off well, I'm cleaning when I get home but should stop sitting down after a bit and keep doing other things

-Watch less TV: Watching a bit less but need to work more on it

-New recipes: Last week we tried a recipe that Jesse saw on a Velveeta commercial. Squeezing the cheese out of the tube totally grossed me out and we will NOT be having it again. This week we have many new foods: White Chili, Crabcakes, new bread machine bread, first time trying bread machine buns, and Brown Sugar Biscuit Twists along with a changing up an old meatloaf recipe...we are both excited!

-More pictures: Have not busted out the camera yet...I should set a couple minutes to half hour aside each day to snap some shots.

-Constantly declutter: This is starting off by making a bigger mess (like most of my great ideas to clean etc.) as I want to go through all of our stuff that we have here and get rid of things we don't need as we will be moving in a few weeks.

-Buy less: Haven't bought anything besides food this week!

-Coupon: Not so much yet :(

-Buy locally: Haven't done any yet, but need to research to see if there is any food being sold in Ames that we can buy right now

-Library card and read more: Read three times last week before bed, have yet to get the library card

-Drink more water: I've had a glass a day at work all week

-Date nights: Double date night in with Chad and Heidi on Friday

-Savings plans: Discussed but not yet set

-Freezer cooking: not there yet

-Slowly decorate: I've been brainstorming ideas!

Now it's time for me to get off my butt, make some Brown Sugar Twists, tidy the apartment, and start going through our possessions to minimize the stuff we have that we don't need.

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