Sunday, January 23, 2011

Game Day

Packers vs Bears <-- this is what our day holds. We will be making munchies and gathering with friends to watch the game that determines which team is the NFC Champion and moves on to the Super Bowl in two weeks.

We are so into this game that we even rented out a whole other furnished apartment just to watch them game in! OK, not really. But we are watching the game in a furnished apartment in our set of buildings, that we have the keys to.

What gives? It all started with snow, ice, and poorly poured concrete. Then it warms up a bit and the said snow and ice melt. Then it gets cold again which freezes the water under the poorly poured concrete which causes the concrete to shift, upwards. Oh, and this concrete is right outside our front door making it next to impossible to get the door wide open.

At first it wasn't that big of a deal. We could get the door open over halfway. Then it just kept getting worse. So, Monday I called with a maintenance request. Come Thursday nothing had been done. Friday morning I could not open the door wide enough for Penny to get through. Jesse's muscles were the only thing that allowed us both to squeeze out.

To make a long story short (and not get myself all worked up again), I called three times on Friday and got little to no information out of the calls. Got home after work and my little muscles couldn't get the door open two inches. Off I stomped to the office.

After a bit of talking and restraining myself from telling these people that they are idiots (and maybe a few other choice words) a few of the maintenance staff and I went back to our apartment, with the property manager to follow. Of course these men could yank on the door with all of their might to provide just enough space for me to enter the apartment.

Okay, okay I'm getting worked up and cannot find the words to explain what happened, so short and sweet....maybe.

We have to hire an outside company to chop out the cement. They company can't get here today (Friday). We'll use a sledge hammer to make it workable for the weekend. We'll also be nice and give you a key to one of our furnished apartments. Make yourself at home.

This brings us to today. Jesse and I haven't been staying in the other place because frankly the furnishings aren't that nice and we'd rather be in our own place that has everything we want and need.

But we figure we should use the flat screen TV they have for the big game. Why not? So I've turned up the heat to a pleasant 76 degrees and invited a few friends over. Since the place is only furnished with a love seat, I'm thinking we'll scoot the bed over by the TV too. :)

Oh and they aren't so smart when it comes to busting up the concrete with the sledgehammer...we still have to squeeze out the door. If only I had a hammer, then I'd be more than happy to take my frustration out on that blasted concrete!

*Whew* Ranting is hard work!

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