Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 333

Here I go. Not sure how long I will last. Honestly, I don't have a whole heck of a lot of faith in myself.

Tomorrow I am starting Project 333.

The Rules:
Have a wearable wardrobe that consists of 33 items of clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear, and shoes for 3 months.

These items do not include: Wedding ring or another sentimental piece of jewelry that you never take off, underwear, sleep wear, in-home lounge wear, and workout clothing (that can only be used to work out in).

My Process
I read this and instantly thought that is quite a challenge, but one that I bet I could handle. Well, tonight I decided to inventory my clothes and make my list of what stays as keeps for the challenge.

Holy cow! I knew I have a decent amount of clothes even excluding the ones I rarely wear, but man, was it hard to select 33 items.

I started off by busting out a handy-dandy Excel spreadsheet (I love making lists and using Excel) to keep track of the different types of clothes I typically wear, i.e. sweaters, long sleeves, jeans etc. Then I sat down and started highlighting the main shirts I would like to keep along with the items I typically layer under. I have 5 pairs of jeans that I wear consistently, so automatically included all of them in the 33.

I actually gave up on the challenge and started to adapt it for myself, where I would just make a list of clothes and put it on 'repeat' so I don't have to waste time deciding on the clothes I'm going to wear every morning (part of the reason for Project 333 to begin with). As I made out my list, I realized that I don't really have THAT many 'main' shirts that I wear and I could probably get away with using just a few shirts underneath all of them and change up the looks by using scarves, vests, and maybe a little odd/crazy layering.

Then the light bulb went off, *bling* (<-- that's the noise of the light bulb turning on). Getting creative and challenging yourself is the point of Project 333. One of my goals is to figure what kind of minimalist I want to be and though I don't know if I'll be able to pull this challenge off I think it will be an interesting experience. One thing I am not doing that is listed as a Basic for the project is packing up all the rest of my clothes. Right now we don't have much space to put the packed clothes or anything to pack them in for that matter. I'll be keeping all 'in play' items in a drawer together away for the 'out of bounds' items and separating my closet this way as well. Now keep in mind, I'm joining in on this project almost a whole month into it so it will be more like Project 332 (33 items for 2 months). But maybe that will be a good way to ease me into the project. And, who knows! Maybe I'll keep it up in the next quarter. My 33 items
5 - Pullover sweaters
4 - Cardigans/Zip up jackets
1 - Sweatshirt
3 - Plain long sleeve shirts
3 - 'Non-Plain' long sleeve shirts
1 - T-shirt
3 - Tanks
5 - Pairs of jeans
3 - Scarves
1 - Necklace
1 - Pair of Earrings
1 - Red shoes
1 - Purple shoes
1 - Winter coat

I'm so glad that this doesn't include lounge around the house clothes and pjs! One thing to note is that I'm not including my snow boots since I only wear them when it is needed outside in the snow or really cold cars! ;)

It's going to be quite the challenge and I'll try to post updates (I promise I'll be honest). Anyone want to join me?! :)

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