Thursday, March 24, 2011

Addicted To: Fabric Flowers

Okay, you can definitely call this an obsession. Jesse would agree that there is something crazy going on with me. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights I spent making these little puppies.

In fact, over those three nights, I made 53!! You can say it now: Crazy! I'd definitely say I'm addicted to making them.

If I had any material left, I'd probably me making more of these fabric flowers tonight rather than writing this post!

So here's the deal. My mom has a bunch of balls of fabric that she inherited when she bought one of her looms. I came across them when I was home this weekend and instantly realized that taking one would be perfect for me to test out my skills! Even more perfect since the material was already cut into strips of 1-2 inch strips. All of the fabric above was sewn together in random order in preparation to be made into a rug.

Mom let me have one and the first free time I got, I started separating strips. The organizing-'grouper' in me wanted them to be grouped into the three different fabrics. Then I started wrapping them into flowers. I made just a few on Monday night, so I'm guessing on Tuesday and Wednesday I made at least 20 a night!

I found that they were all three different types of materials and ended up having their unique looks or styles. For example the dark brown was slicker, maybe a bit stretchy. It made me think of polyester, but I don't really know my fabrics. I found I need to hot glue it more often and twist the fabric differently.

Anywho, now what am I going to do with these 53 flowers?! One thought I have is adding a few to a throw pillow or maybe even seeing what a pillow covered on one side would look like. But I think I'll still have some leftover. Do you guys have any ideas? I definitely need to find something to do with them because next time I go home, I'm planning on taking a few more balls of fabric (or craft balls as I called them when I took one last weekend!) off of Mom's hands.

So, now I need to figure out this sewing machine thing. I actually bought some material that will cover one of our throw pillows. Stay tuned to see how that all turns out! :)


  1. Oh, my!! Do you know how many flowers you could make with all the balls I have?! You definitely need to find a use and outlet for them! They do look nice. Doesn't look anything like the ball I sent home with you. Maybe you'll have to go with me next time I go buy shag.

  2. niiiiiice!!! i have been planning to make a bunch of these for some time now (aka, bought the fabric looong time ago) and deemed this week the week! so i'll let ya' know how it goes. i def. think you should do a pillow!!! that would be sweet. other ideas i've seen: you can make a necklace out of them, put on cardigans, purses, or even picture frames. i'll send you some links tomorrow!

  3. Maybe you need to set up an etsy account! I didn't get the sewing machine part for you...I'll try to get there next week so I can get it to you Saturday. The machine will probably work better.

  4. Yes, I definitely need to figure something out to do with them besides just making more and more! :) I definitely got the crafting bug from you, Mom.
    Sarah-Thanks for all the ideas! I've also seen headbands, hairclips, and brooches. Pretty sure the possibilities are endless...I just need to sit down and figure out how to put it all together and where to start!
    Kel-Maybe I should hold off on trying to sew the cover this weekend then? Or maybe I can finagle something that would work!

  5. A wreath would be super cute. Or decorate a frame or bulletin board. Or a headband..

  6. A wreath is a great idea! Especially since I'm slightly addicted to them right now!