Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Apartment Tour

Per a special request, I'll be showing you pictures of our new digs! Maybe you'll be able to help me come up with some ideas for decorating! We'll start off with the kitchen:

If you walk in the 'official' door from the apartment hallway, you come into the kitchen. Apparently I welcome guests with a tin of cupcakes and a Mike's Hard on the counter! ;)

Here is the other side of the kitchen. The door you just entered is on the left with the living room to the right/behind you. I have the white coffee filter wreath hanging on this 'front' door.

Now you are looking into the living room. We have our futon and a new to us red couch from Jesse's dad plus a new brown storage ottoman from Target. The ottoman is filled with blankets for you to snuggle up in when you come visit us! The color of the couch doesn't really show up well in this picture, but it's giving me a difficult time trying to figure out how to decorate the living room. When we moved in, we planned on moving the futon into the spare room but haven't gotten to that point yet. Now we are beginning to think that the living room would look really bare without it. So it stays for now. Jesse is dreaming of getting a La-Z-Boy to replace the futon with. That door by the TV is what we usually use to go in an out of the apartment and to let Penny out.

Look at all that bare wall space! I really want something huge to go on the wall...but have no ideas. On the wall above the TV, near the outside door, I'd love to put a giant clock like this one on Amazon that you put the numbers on the wall with a set of hands. By the way, the color of the couch is a bit brighter than is showing up in these pictures if you wanna share any deco ideas! :)

Here is the hallway. On the immediate left is the extremely high kitchen counter...would love to get two or three stools for it but we are very picky and not finding any stools tall enough for it! On the far left is the bathroom, on the end is our bedroom, across from the bathroom is the spare room, and if you can make out the tiny knobs on the right, that is a 'closet' for the water heater and furnace (which also stores our cleaning supplies and Rainbow vacuum).

The bathroom is nice and large. In the mirror you can see the tub/shower (we are so happy to have a tub again after only having a shower in the previous studio apartment) and behind the door is our stackable washer/dryer.

The above two pictures are of our spare room, aka the craft/music room. ;) Between the two of us, we spend quite a bit of time in here. Me playing the guitar, Jesse working on his crafts....wait, that doesn't sound right.... It has a nice huge/deep closet for us to store much of our junk in!

And, these last two pictures are of our bedroom. The closet is the entire length of the room which is awesome even though we don't have enough clothes to fill it up with. I'm working on coming up with an idea of something to hang over our bed too, but haven't gotten anywhere with this either. Or I would like to make a big soft headboard made out of plywood, padding, and some pretty material....pretty sure I would need Dad's help and some tools for that project!

So there you have it! A tour of our apartment. The only thing I have to complain about so far is that there isn't a linen closet or somewhere to put towels in the bathroom, and there is only one towel holder thing for the two of us to share. But since we have so much space in our closet, the towels are calling the closet home for now.

Come and visit us, won't you?