Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Projects

It's the 17th and I've made my goal of completing two craft projects!! They are kind of a set so I guess you could call it one project....but I'm not! I have a ton of tissue paper left over from making wedding decorations. When I found a project that would use up some of it, I was eager to get started. These are two little tissue paper trees that will be decorating our bathroom.

For both of the trees I used a plastic Solo cup for the base and wrapped computer paper around it in the shape of a cone, to make the tree shape. I then wrapped the entire tree in the color of tissue paper I would be using so if there were gaps, you wouldn't see white.

The first one I made is the lovely green 'wrapped' tree.
For this one I cut 1.5 inch strips of tissue paper. For each strip I twisted it around itself so it looked crinkley. Once I had all of them wrapped/crinkled, I hot glued them starting on the bottom. This one was pretty simple and I completed it in one night.

The second one I made is the tuffet-ey yellow tree.

For this one, I cut about 1 inch or smaller squares. Then I wrapped them around the end of a pencil, dabbed hot glue on the end and stuck it on the tree. This tree took much longer, I'd say about two nights...but don't really know how many hours each night I worked on it. I thought it would take longer than it did though, so it felt good to get it done faster than I thought I would.

The pair look kind of lonely by themselves so I will be making another. I just have to decide between pink and orange. I want the next one to be quite a bit shorter so maybe I'll have to figure something smaller to use as a base or see if paper alone will be sturdy enough. It will take quite a bit longer to make as well since I'll be cutting strips and rolling them into circles/rosettes. I found this project here. She has better directions and a few pictures of the process if you're interested in them.


  1. Thanks for the link back to my blog :) Your trees turned out beautifully!