Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Wreath

It's started to warm up 'round these parts! Yesterday I decided it was time to create something that would bring a bit of Spring inside. And then I came up with it! It was a perfect idea, after all I'm obsessed with two things right now: wreaths and rosettes.

So it was off to Hobby Lobby to buy a few supplies that we didn't have around the apartment, yarn and a wreath foam. I was able to get Jesse to come with me, and I didn't even have to bribe him!! He even had quite a bit of say on the yarn we got.

It took about an hour and a half to wrap the yarn while watching The Office and playing with Penny.

I'd already made these bright rosettes, so all I had to do is choose the ones we like best and hot glue them on.

Not sure if this is where our new spring wreath will stay but I think it works for now. Just hanging out by our door with our keys and Penny's leash.

Happy Spring!!


  1. Cute wreath! I love the green and the rosette's are pretty too:) Have a great Sunday. Saw you on Under the table and dreaming. Stop by when you get the chance:

  2. Cool! Good use for the rosettes. Kourtni has worn her headband a couple times and gotten several compliments!