Monday, July 11, 2011

Chalkboard Cleaning List

I've had chalkboard paint on my mind for months now! And I've finally made my first chalkboard paint project with hopefully many more to come.

This lovely little frame came from Goodwill and started off looking like this:

I peeled off the backing that was held on with tape and got right to painting the frame.

I used yellow acrylic paint that I had on hand. It took many coats and since I didn't sand the frame down, there are still streaks of the brown that show through the yellow. Luckily I like it this way and it gives it a vintage feel.

Next I headed to Hobby Lobby (I loooove Hobby Lobby) and picked up some chalkboard paint. I wanted to get spray paint but they were fresh out so I settled for some that I had to brush on. Following the directions on the bottle, I applied two coats of paint. One horizontal, one vertical with an hour to dry between the two.

In the morning the paint hadn't completely covered the glass, so I applied a third coat. That night I measured the spacing that I wanted the separate lists (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) to have and where each row would be making sure to leave space for the items I forgot and will need to add later. If you look really hard, you can see the pencil markings.
Next I busted out a paint pen and scribbled my cleaning to do list onto the board. I got a bit distracted as we were watching Harry Potter and misspelled Kitchen as Kithen...had to sneak a little C in there as I didn't want to start over!

I decided to hang it in the bathroom as I know I will see it everyday. All I need to do now is purchase chalk and find a way to attach it to the frame, so I don't lose it and start checking off my list!


  1. Glue a cute clothespin to your frame and it will hold your chalk.

  2. here's a chalk solution:

  3. Jenn, Thanks for the chalk holder idea!

  4. did you say you painted it on the glass??? cool!

  5. I did paint it on the glass...maybe not the best way to go about it, but it worked!