Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry Potter Love

That's right. I love Harry Potter! You know what that means? Midnight showing of the final movie in the series! It was spectacular. We watched all seven of the prior movies the week leading up to the midnight showing.

We started off watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and snacking on pretzel wands. The plan was to have a Harry Potter themed snack for each of the movies...well that didn't exactly happen. But we did have many snacks to take into the theater to nibble on while waiting for the movie! Please excuse the not-so-greatness of the following photos...I was so excited about the snacks that I only snapped a few quick shots.

To start off, we had more pretzel wands.
Pretty simple to make: Melt almond bark and dip pretzel wands into it, dash some sprinkles on a few of the wands and you are good to go!

Gotta have some licorice wands, too! 
Again, super easy to make, just like the pretzel wands except with licorice!

Up next, pumpkin pasties!
These were great. You can find the recipe here. Next time I'll cook them a bit longer in the last step. These will be a perfect treat come fall.

Can't have Harry Potter treats without chocolate frogs!
Get yourself a nice little frog shaped candy tray, melt some chocolate and let them cool! Wahoo!

Of course we made some butterbeer as well, but sadly no pictures of that scrumptious stuff. I dream of someday having a Harry Potter themed party. It will be full of Harry Potter-ish snacks, foods, and drinks. I can picture it with all kinds of HP decorations! Oh the dreams of some day...

When we first got to the theater, they were a bit confused and were handing us 3D glasses as we entered even though ours wasn't in 3D. They of course figured it out before the showing, but check out those special  Harry Potter shaped 3D glasses!


  1. Very cool. Maybe Kirby will want a Harry Potter themed birthday party and you can help me pull that off! :)

  2. That would be so awesome, Kel!

  3. One of these days, I'm really going to have to read one of those books (or watch one of the movies!)

    I'm stopping by tonight to let you know that your post has been nominated for the Best in Show award on my blog! Be sure to vote and GOOD LUCK :)