Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is Fall here?

Wow. I stepped outside this afternoon, leaving work, and instantly had this feeling of Fall. It just felt 'right' like Fall. The sun was warm and crisp on my skin, it smelled like Fall, and it just felt like it was in the air. It probably helps that classes are back in session at Iowa State, bringing all of the students with them signifying the start of a new season. Plus a drive through campus to pick up Jesse greeted me with the sounds of the ISU marching band and drum line practicing for the upcoming football games.

Fall is definitely in the air and it has me dreaming of apple crisp, pretty leaves, pumpkins, and apple orchards. So bring it on Autumn! I'm ready for you.

Here's some lovely Autumn inspiration from my Pinterest board to get the rest of you in the mood.

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  1. AHHHH!!!! I'm SO excited for Fall-- just ordered a few pieces for my wardrobe online today that I hope will work out nicely. And I'm dying to paint my toesies maroons and purples :)