Monday, September 12, 2011

Project Show Off

Okay, I have a few projects that I have done in the past months that I haven't posted about yet. And instead of give you a boring step by step post on each of them (which really would be quite boring), I figured, why not throw pictures of the finished products (and a short commentary) all together in one big Project Show Off post?

Let's Go!
These little guys are very simply (I may have posted about them before) all I did was dump out the flour into another container and framed part of the packages!

They keep our Street Art company and are located right beside the baking supply cupboard.

Currently blue is a little accent color in our bedroom, where this frame resides. It includes our birthdays, the date we started dating and our wedding date.

These doo-hickies, if you haven't guessed, are our initials. I cut the letters out of some cardboard boxes and hot glued pretty yarn all the way around them. They also hang in our bedroom.

I may or may not have purposefully cropped my face out of this picture....but I want you to focus on my awesome new necklace, concocted out of one of Jesse's old shirts. 

And this little guy was slightly a beast to finish. It use to be all black, and was just a cheap end table I bought from Target years ago, probably only $10. It's not made out of real wood, just pressboard, but I decided to try to sand it down. {Pain} Then I bought some colors I liked and painters tape. Slapped a few dozen (okay, maybe not quite that much) coats of the base color on. Then tried to make a chevron pattern. Two hours later, I had the table top taped off, but still not quite right and painted in the second color. I went to bed and dreamed of all the glorious chevron projects I've seen in the blogosphere and couldn't wait to see my final product. 

I took the tape off the next morning and to my dimay, the lines weren't even close to being crisp. You may not be able to tell in the pictures, but come on over for an afternoon treat, and I'll show you. The 'smudgy' edges have grown on me and it may even look like I did it on purpose, so the table (that I probably paid more for in supplies to redo, than what it originally cost) will stay as is, and I will enjoy it.

So, that's what I've done with my life recently in the last many months. What do you think? What have you been up to?

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