Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Been Awhile, Folks!

Well, I've been gone a few weeks months. I'm sorry for my lack of posts, but I hope to pick it up 'round these parts as I expect to have quite a few projects going on...though they may all take a bit for me to get through.

December was a big month for us. On the December 5th we purchased our very first house (happy dance!)
Note to self: put away the garbage can before taking pictures!

We quickly followed that up with a week long trip to London, leaving on December 9th. Jesse was asked to travel across the pond to meet and work with a client. I was able to tag along (paying for my own expenses of course). I actually worked from the hotel a few days while Jesse was away as I was a bit too timid to venture out by myself.  We really only had one full day to sight-see on our own, and it was a cold rainy day. We parked our butts on a classic red double decker bus and got to see all the classics of London. 

We finally got fully settled into our home in January and have already started many projects, mainly concerning paint. That being said there are even more projects being added to my craft wish list now that we have a house to decorate and have our way with! 

I plan to be posting before, during, and finished for now pictures of our house! Like the title of the blog says: In Progress, and our house definitely will always be in progress.

Stay tuned for all the fun to come!


  1. wooohooooo!!!!! welcome back, momma!

  2. Yippee!! A new post! :)