Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meet Jasper

Introducing Jasper

A couple of weeks ago Jesse and I adopted (purchased from a local Wal-Mart) this cute little guy (okay, garden gnome). We decided that Jasper would be the perfect name for him.

We than took him to introduce him to Penny. As you can see she was a bit apprehensive at first. She even tried chewing on his wonderfully pointed hat a bit. Penny then took Jasper outside where they got better acquainted.

Now it was time to find a home for Jasper. He wanted to take up residence in the tree, but we decided it would be safer for him to plant his feet in the ground.

And what do you know, after having this magical little creature for just under a week our garden grew from the above into some very pretty flowers.  Only a matter of time before we find out what other wonders Jasper will be bringing our way or trouble he will be getting into.