Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tuesday Adventures

Wow! I meant to get this post up last night but didn't find the time!

Tuesday was quite the day for us. In the late afternoon the entire town was out of electricity. We both sat around at work thinking maybe it will come back on, but after awhile we were both told to go home. And that we did.

Upon pulling into our driveway (no electricity, no garage door opener), we see a couple pups roaming around with no owner's to be found. So we did what we would hope anyone would do if Penny got out and was roaming the streets. We went up to them, let them give us a good sniff (they were sooooo friendly), and looked for tags on their collars. Alas, no tags. We took them to our backyard to give them water while we called our vet to see what to do.

During this time, I snapped a few photos of the little guys.

We got them in the car and took them to our vet to be scanned in hopes they had chips inserted in them. Again, none were found so we were sent off to the animal shelter. Upon arriving, we found out they were closed! But their sign said that an animal control officer would be on call at 6pm. We left a message and went home to wait....for a couple of hours.

These two guys were shedding quite a bit, so we decided we didn't want to get their hair all over. Then we thought to sit out front in our yard in hopes that the owner's would drive by looking for them. So, we sat out under our tree, brought Penny out to meet them, and waited.

No owner's came by and we were getting hungry! I happened to have a hankerin' for Applebee's, so we ordered carside-to-go and I went to pick it up. I expected the animal control would have the dogs picked up by the time I left, so I said goodbye to these precious pups. The whole time we had them, they were so well behaved.

As I was pulling away from Applebee's I spied some extra dumpsters out back and a few doors sitting by them! I tucked that memory in my brain for later and headed home.

Jesse and the three dogs were still outside when I got home, but not too long after, the owner's arrived! They were lucky too, because animal control pulled up right behind them! It turns out they just moved into the house a few doors down. They let the dogs out and didn't realize they could get through a spot in the fence and had been out looking for them. What a way to meet your new neighbors!

Back inside, now, eating supper, I told Jesse of the aforementioned treasures by a dumpster. He knew what I had in mind (Rescue them!) and with a bit of convincing he agreed that he would allow me to use his muscles to bring the doors home. ;)

Off to Applebee's we went. I decided it might be best to ask to make sure they were in fact garbage for the taking so went in to ask the manager. It took a bit for the realization that someone wanted old doors to sink into his head. I was told that he needed to talk with the foreman (the restaurant is being remodeled) and he would call me back. But that wouldn't be until after midnight!

The saga continued. I waited patiently (okay, I went to bed and turned the phone on loud) for his call. And it came at 12:30. I grabbed Jesse and headed over there.

Holy cow! Those doors and windows were heavy! And big!! It took a lot of work (and Jesse probably wishing he wouldn't have agreed to be the muscle while wishing that I had more muscle) to get them into our car, all the while trying to be very careful since the car is not even a month old! We got them in, with a fairly generous amount hanging out the back end. I sat in the back to keep them from bouncing out (though if they decided to slide out, there was no way I could stop them) and slowly made our way back home to unload them.

Come 2:00am, we were finally unloaded and in bed. Jesse, having not going to bed before picking up the doors, only got 4 hours of sleep. I'm so grateful that he was willing to pick these babies up for me! But, now the pressure is on to find something great to do with them!

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