Monday, June 04, 2012

Where have I been?!

As usual, it has been quite some time since my last post.  Pretty much since that time, I've done a few exciting things and a lot of bumming around (also as usual). So, what exciting things have happened?

We visited Tyler and Sarah in Vegas
The only picture I have of the four of us is when we did a bit of hiking on Earth Day.

Mmmm Serendipity 3! :)

And spending some time with my brother's family.
Hanging out with Leah

We've gone home a couple of times as well, plus gone to a cousin's graduation. Tyler and Sarah have made their journey make to Iowa (for a limited time), so we've celebrated Tyler's graduation and been able to hang out while they are back.

Other than that, life has pretty much been going to work, coming home, eating, maybe a bit of cleaning, and flopping down on the couch, vegging out in front of the TV and computer. And, just like with anything else, I've decided it's time to break that habit. I go through these phases of removing Mt. Dew from my diet, developing a weekly cleaning schedule, waking up earlier, and limiting TV & computer time. They typically don't last very long, and I later I try to pick it up again. But, none the less, here I am back again to limiting TV and computer time (which is a good thing to do!).

This time, I've set a goal and reward for making it through.
The Goal
     Limit TV and aimlessly browsing the internet to half an hour each day (preferably spent at the same time) for 2 weeks.

The Reward
     A night at the movies with popcorn and all!

Plan of Action
I have plenty of things that need to be done (there is always cleaning and organizing to do!). I also have an over abundance of things that I want to do.  Luck would have it that I have a bajillion lists that I have been compiling (most likely duplicating myself many times over). So, this is where I'll start. At my normal time of flopping down in front of the TV and computer, I will work on an item from one of my many lists!

Fine Print
Okay, ya got me, I wrote in a loop hole or two.
1) I'm going to allow myself to accrue TV/Internet time. So, tonight I don't watch TV or browse the internet at all. That means tomorrow night, I will allow myself to watch a show that is an hour long episode. I will not allow myself to use time from future dates (I can't watch 2 hours tomorrow, planning to not watch anything for the next two days to cover myself).
2) Time spent online researching a project that I am working on from my to do list, spending time on our Mint account to re-work our budget, or researching freezer cooking meals I plan to make, does not count towards my half hour of allotted internet time.

My Motto (to remind me to keep up with this goal)
Less bummin' more doin'.

Am I a bit crazy? Yes, but you guys already knew that! Throw some moral support my way to help me kick my bumming around habit.  What is that statistic? It takes 30 days to create or break a habit? Well, here's to the first 2 weeks and a movie to reward myself! :)

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  1. woohoo! go girl! i believe in you :) i think you'll find yourself so much more content and fulfilled when you are doing the things you want to do instead of bumming around.