Sunday, July 01, 2012

Lake House Gift

Recently, a co-worker of mine had a birthday. I found this to be a great opportunity to craft her a gift -- a project I've been wanting to do, but not sure if the end product is something that I would want to keep/decorate with.

All I needed to do was go out and get some twine or jute or rope. I ran to Hobby Lobby and grabbed the first I could find: jute. I had the rest of the supplies at home: hot glue & a cleaned out wine bottle.

I started wrapping the jute around the bottom of the bottle and worked my way to the top, hot gluing as I went. It was pretty simple, but because the jute is pretty thin, it did take me around an hour to do. But, if you're sitting around chatting or watching TV, why not do something with your hands?

Of course you need to decorate it up with some flowers and a little tag.

Julie loved her gift and we both decided it would be perfect in their home on the lake.

Happy Crafting!


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