Sunday, November 11, 2012

Busy Weekend of to-do's!

In keeping up with Money Saving Mom's 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home series, which runs during the week, I made a giant list of goal's to work towards over the weekend. I intentionally made the list waaaay too big, knowing that I wouldn't be able to get through the whole list. But, my thought was that I would have plenty of options to choose from if some of the tasks didn't appeal to me at the time. I'd say it definitely worked! I got quite a bit done!

Yeah, I'm going to share my list and give myself a pat on the back for getting as much accomplished as I did.

- Sand the top of the dresser we are working on transforming into a TV Stand
       DONE! First thing in the morning on Saturday I got after this task. It was a warm 70 degree day here in Iowa, and no doubt the last one we'll have for quite some time!
 In.Progress photo:

- Mow
       DONE! Jesse handled this task for me and ended up only mowing the front lawn because it started to drizzle and we weren't sure how much the rain would pick up. Didn't want the back to be half mowed and then never finished

- Cut back hostas 
       DONE! I did this while Jesse was mowing. 

- Catch up 'date' with a friend
       Unfortunately, her little one was sick, so this has to be postponed (hopefully not for too long!)

- Cheer on the Cyclones
       DONE! Well, kind of. It wasn't a great day for ISU, so I got a little tired of watching it and went off to work on this list. See above sanding picture...proof that I was supporting ISU from the beginning of the day!

- Clean up downstairs bathroom
       Partially completed! I scrubbed the sink and washed the mirror. But still need to put all of the coverings after painting and clean up under the sink.

- Clean/Organize the basement
       Nearly Complete! All that is left is re-arranging some big heavy items we have down there, which will require some help from Jesse this week. The garbage got filled up with some boxes and things still to be thrown away after garbage day on Monday. Someday I hope to get all of our stuff in the basement transferred into tubs. But that's for another day.
One of the before you can see, stuff/junk everywhere!

- Clean/Organize craft room
       Nothing was done in here at all. This will have to be moved to possible be worked on during this week or next week.

- Finish the coats of oil on the headboard I'm re-finishing
       Not done at all. I took on another furniture related project rather than finishing this one.

- Menu plan
       DONE! We even did this on Saturday when I was planning on it happening on Sunday as it usually does. Yes, pizza is on the list twice...we really like pizza in our house.

- Grocery shopping
       DONE! We went shopping on Saturday, too. We thought there would be snow on Sunday so we wanted to get out on Saturday while it was nice.

- Hang up some frames in the kitchen.

Sunday mostly consisted of working on the basement in the morning and then Jesse and I decided it would be great if we can get the TV stand done before we host Thanksgiving. So, we went out and bought some supplies. Since it's chilly out, we rearranged the kitchen to be my workshop! So that will also give me motivation to finish the project!
In.Progress -- applying coat of primer

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  1. im excited to see the dresser once it is finished!!