Friday, November 09, 2012

Christmas Craft List

I took the whole week of Thanksgiving off this year. We've decided to host Thanksgiving this year so I'll probably be spending the days leading up to Turkey Day by cleaning and prepping some food. My plan is to have at least one day to spend time working on some of the many projects I dream about (thanks to Pinterest). And, depending on how much cleaning I keep up with over the next couple weeks with the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home series, maybe I'll be able to get even more time in!

So, in true Dani fashion, I'm making a list! I'll make it a big list so I have options to choose from when the days roll around. Hopefully by already having a list and maybe even some shopping done before hand, it will make it much easier to get started! I'll start working on some Christmas projects now, so we actually have decorations when the holiday gets here.

The list/inspiration:

I hope to take two of these printables and turn them into canvases to hang on either side of the window behind our couch.

A holly letter 'S' for the front door

Something similar to this sign that could possibly hang outside, or in the entry. Not quite sure yet what type of material I would use. I think wood would be nice for outside.

I've been dreaming of making a wreath from ornament balls for about a year now. This may be a project that gets put off in hopes that I can score some great deals on ornaments after Christmas.

It would be nice to have a Noel sign somewhere, I'm just not quite sure in what form or where it would go.

So, there you have it! My dream list Christmas crafts to work on during my days off! Hope to keep you updated on how anything that I get done turns out!


  1. luuuurve! me wanna do some toooo!

    1. Maybe we should have a skype crafting date....though I'm sure there would be so much chatting we wouldn't get any crafting done!