Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Organized Home - Day 7

Day 7 Assignment from Money Saving Mom

:: Get dressed in something that makes you feel great.
       I decided wearing something to make me feel great today included feeling comfy, so I was in sweats today! ;)

:: Make daily task list based on your weekly goals
       - Day 7 assignment (somewhat complete)
       - Second coat of paint on the TV stand project (complete)
       These were the only goals I set for today, knowing that the TB stand project would take 1.5 - 2 hours

:: Set the timer for 15 minutes and vacuum the main living areas of your home.
       I had just vacuumed a couple of days ago, so I decided to skip this task. I cleaned out the car from yesterday's task, which just ended up being taking some garbage out of the doors and receipts out to be filed.

That's it for today! Hopefully see you tomorrow!

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