Monday, December 10, 2012

Holly Letter

One of the holiday projects on my list to tackle this year is an 'S' made out of holly. It was a fairly simple project and I completed it in one night while catching up on some TV shows we enjoy.

Flat letter -- I got my S from Hobby Lobby
Bundles of fake holly -- I used 7 bundles from Hobby Lobby
Red paint to match holly and paint brush
Glue gun and sticks

Step One - Paint your letter

Step Two - As your letter is drying, trim up all of your holly.  I tried to keep them in the bunches that they were already connected in and also wanted to keep a few individual or pairs of holly together to use as filler at the end.

Step Three - Hot glue your bundles of holly onto the letter, covering the entire piece as best as possible. At the end I still had some holly leftover, so I went back over it and filled in any gaps with the individual pieces. 

Step Four - Touch up the holly with red paint as needed. Some of the red coloring had come off of the holly I was working with, so I hit it up with some paint!

Step Five - Enjoy your work! Hang on a door by itself or with a wreath. Hang it on a wall or lean it up against any other holiday decor you already have!  We are enjoying it, hanging with a wreath on the inside of our front door, so we get to see it often.

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