Thursday, August 05, 2010

Onion, Garlic, Vinegar

^ That is the progression of aromas that our apartment has been filled with today...and I don't think it is leaving anytime soon. I definitely need to get a scented candle!

The onion smell is from yesterday when I chopped 7 onions. The garlic smell took over this afternoon when I made the bruschetta for our stuffed burger supper. Then it came time to make the balsamic vinegar glaze and now the whole place just wreaks of vinegar stank. Yuck. Commence headache now.

We made it another day sticking to our meal plan! The burgers were good and I'm sure we will make them again. However, I will not make the balsamic vinegar glaze again for two reasons. 1)We aren't huge fans of the vinegar and therefore it didn't add any bit of wow factor for us. 2)Our apartment smells horrible, unless you enjoy the smell of vinegar.

This morning was filled with preparing for an interview. It actually turned out that I wasn't even asked any questions. He just told me about the company and the job and wanted to hear the questions I had. Luckily I had some prepared and was able to come up with more from what he was telling me.

This afternoon was a blur of non-productive-ness. Penny and I took a 20 minute snooze (which felt like an hour!), I did a bit of research for another interview, cleaned the kitchen from last nights mess that I left, and prepared supper.

The weather is perfect for a nice long walk outside. Unfortunately the mosquitoes are absolutely horrid! I swear I got 15+ bites the tiny bit I was outside with the grill and taking Penny to the bathroom! Maybe we will end up going for a nice drive so Penny can hang her head out the window. She sure loves riding in the car! It is also a great night for ice cream! ;)

For now, it is time for me to prepare more for the interview I have in the morning, clean up the kitchen so I don't have to do it tomorrow, and mentally prepare the clothes I will be packing for the weekend at home!

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