Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My first attempt at sewing

Okay, my real first attempt was actually in 6th grade home economics class. And I'm beginning to think I was better at that age. I came out of the class with a pretty awesome stuffed monkey that hung from a dowel with its hands...pretty sweet.

Sewing a straight line was difficult for me tonight and I simply don't know the basics of running a sewing machine it turns out. I mean it took me forever to thread and I don't think I did that right because weird things kept happening with the thread.

Luckily I borrowed the sewing machine from my sister rather than going out and laying down a wad of cash for something I may end up getting frustrated with. Seriously, Sister, you need to find the manual to this thing for me!

I suppose I need to do a bit of researching and reading up on sewing before I jump right into a project. I used  an old t-shirt of Jesse's to test out my skills tonight (which perhaps this material could be adding to my issues).  I have many projects, that seem simple, bookmarked to try out. Pillows, fabric wallets, t-shirt scarves, more pillows...

So, I will not give up just yet. Perhaps I need to read up on the different kind of stitches, try out a different type of material, find out more about this particular machine, or read about the basics of machine sewing. Actually, I probably need to do all of these things.

I haven't given up yet, though! But those of you who do know about sewing, don't be surprised if you get a call from me seeking guidance!

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  1. I'll look for the manual, but I make no promises! Probably would have helped if I'd shown you how to thread it. And the tshirt material would be stretchier so that could be an issue starting out. We'll get together and work on it!