Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Confession Time

Okay, the jig is up. It's time that I confess that Project 333 has come to an end. At least for the wardrobe of Dani that is. I'm not exactly sure when I gradually started introducing non-project 333 items back into my daily wear but it happened. If I were to guess I would say (with the exception of the week in Florida) I probably actually lasted near 2 months rather than the goal of 3 months.

I fully believe that I could have stuck to the project, but have allowed myself to give in. I think it was too easy for me to 'accidentally' grab clothing that wasn't in my Project 333 wardrobe selection. So, if I attempt this project again, I know one thing that I must do is to keep the non-project items out of sight.

For me, when it comes to clothes, out of sight, out of mind is pretty accurate. This means blocking off a couple of drawers and figuring out a way to hid the rest of my hang up clothes. I started off well in this area. I had one drawer dedicated to my allowable clothes and a section in my closet The problem is I simply get sloppy when I put clothes away and somehow start shifting things around. So, out of sight out of mind works for me. I mean, honestly, I have two totes of clothes hanging out under the bed that I rarely think about. Granted they are summer clothes and the weather has been quite chilly lately. So, who would want to wear shorts when it is 50 degrees out?! Not this cat

Speaking of weather, that is something else I'm choosing to blame. On those few days that we have had beautiful spring weather, I've wanted to ditch the sweaters and move on to something lighter and brighter. Let's just say, I like the feeling of freshness that comes along with a new season, so that makes it very difficult to keep wearing the same old thing.

I knew this would be a problem going into this project, but tried to plan for it. Next time (if there is a next time) I'l have to plan for this a little better.

Even though I didn't make it through the entire 3 months, I have learned some things (or reinforced ideas already in my head).

The main item being that when I buy clothes, I must love them and know that I am going to wear them. There are plenty of times I find clothes that I like, but know I won't wear them very often. I need to listen to my better instincts; how I know I won't wear them as much as I should. This does create a problem though. I've found lately that the clothes I love happen to come with a hefty price tag. Those items are very difficult for me to permit myself to buy. After all, what if I shell out all that cash and end up not wear it enough?

For now I am going to try my best not to buy clothes that I don't love and also try not to buy the crazy expensive clothes just yet. I know I'll be needing some warm weather clothing for work soon but in the effort to save a few bucks I'm going to try to force myself to make do with the clothes I have....even if I don't love them.

Aaahhhhhh that feels so good to get off my chest!

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