Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun Weekend!

What a great weekend to end my two week challenge. But let's start from the beginning.

I feel like quite a bit was accomplished the past two weeks while I've been limiting my TV and internet usage. I completed the 'remodeling' our nightstand project that I have been wanting to tackle ever since I spied it sitting beside a dumpster about a year ago.  Jesse and a took a couple long walks (one involving a walk to buy gelato!). Of course some house cleaning and a wee bit of yard work was done. I crocheted quite a bit, researched some freezer cooking meals, made a menu plan for the next 5 weeks, and spent some time with Jesse's coworkers.

Is it cheating if I changed the reward in the last few days of the challenge? There weren't any movies I was dying to see this weekend (okay, I may not have even looked to see what was out), but there was a store that I was told about that I was suddenly dying to go to. So, changed up my reward to go get to go check it out.

So, back to the perfectly full weekend. Friday night Jesse and I ate some leftovers and settled in with a rented movie (from time I had accumulated during the week!) .

Saturday is where it got fun. We met Chad and Heidi for an early lunch at Zombie Burger and had some spectacular food!

Next up the four of us headed over to West End Architectural Salvage to check out the store I was suddenly dying to see!! It has a coffee/smoothie/bar area when you first walk in and then 4 glorious floors of old goodies. I'm not sure what my favorite was. The top floor was filled with old doors and doorknobs but I also loved about ever old ceiling tin decoration that was scattered throughout the entire place.

The only picture I have of the whole adventure is of Chad and Jesse patiently awaiting our drinks.

When we got home Saturday afternoon I spent the time making a rough menu plan for the next 5 weeks. Things always change so we'll see how much we stick to it. But I know it will be really helpful to already have the ideas written down and ready for me.

For Father's Day, we all met in Boone for some grub and then headed to a park to hang out. And hang out we did...

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Here's to another week of doing things rather than sitting and watching a screen!

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