Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Morning Challenge

It's time for another challenge. And let's just say this is one I've attempted a fair few times, but typically only lasts one day. As this is my first day, let's hope I keep it up tomorrow.

I am still trying to stick to my less tv/computer challenge I started a few weeks ago (just not giving myself a reward for keeping up with it for the time being). I'm just not being stickler and timing myself on the TV or computer, or taking the time to think about adding up unused computer/TV time. I am, however, trying to get a couple of things done before sitting down in front of them, if I do at all.

This brings me to my next challenge. The trick is that it is kind of pushing me to be on the computer, but let's face it, I gotta have my Blog Reader/Pinterest time!

The Challenge
Wake up earlier than usual in the mornings and get something done before leaving for work.

The Reward
We'll go with the old standard of movie night out in the theater.

How I'm going to do it
I'm starting off with waking up at 6:00, which is 45 minutes earlier than I usually wake up on the mornings I don't shower.
To make the most out of getting up earlier and not have to use as much time to get ready for work, I want to be showering at night instead of in the mornings.
I want to start my bedtime routine (take Penny out for her before bed bathroom session, think through tomorrow's supper, wash face etc. and hop into bed) at 9:30 as often as possible.
Now, I love my sleep. So, if I'm going to be getting out of bed earlier, it's going to have to be for something I enjoy doing. To start, I'll get up to browse the inter-webs on blogs and pinterest and maybe do a bit of light crafting. This will hopefully encourage me to not spend time on the computer at night a bit more.

I haven't quite figured out how Saturday and Sunday play into this schedule. We usually just allow ourselves to wake up whenever on our own. That's usually earlier than I really want it to be (last few weeks I was up at 7:00!). We'll see how it goes, I just don't want to allow myself to sleep in past 9:00/9:30 on the weekends.

Here's to hoping I wake up early tomorrow! :)

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