Wednesday, November 07, 2012

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home - Day 3

Day 2 Assignment

:: Get dressed in something that makes you feel great
       This morning I showered and got dressed first thing - Red turtleneck type thing and jeans. Simple but it is kind of amazing how much more oomph I have during the day in 'real' clothes as opposed to 'lounging-around' clothes.

:: With your list of goal's for the week, sit down and make a list of 5-7 specific items to tackle today
       - Finish non-organized series blog post (Complete and check it out!)
       - Day 3 assignment and write about it (Complete)
       - Call Mom (will do after supper)
       - Touch up bathroom paint (haven't gotten to this yet, but still have the whole evening)
       - Catch up on daily cleaning tasks (Tuesday's was cleaning - completed; Wednesday is clean master bathroom - 80% completed)

:: Set timer for 10 minutes and do a quick clean of the bedroom
     My apologies for the not so great pictures. I've been using my phone camera as it is faster to take the picture and get loaded into this post. But I'm quickly seeing if I want any decent pictures, I definitely need to be using my real camera (which is just a simple old point and shoot but obviously still better than phones)

Before picture

After picture

:: Set timer for 10 minutes and do a quick clean of your freezer
       Didn't take any pictures here, but was needed to be done for sure! Threw out some waaaaay too old food and scrubbed up some mysterious goo. I remember something had exploded in there a long time ago and we had done a quick clean up, but some serious scrubbing was still needed.

Score for making it through a third day! Baby steps people. The little successes definitely make me happy! :)

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  1. I noticed some "goo" in the freezer and dashed for the bedroom.

    But hey...I managed to squeeze in scrubbing the bathroom floor. That's gotta count.