Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Organized Home - Day 9

Day 9 Assignment from Money Saving Mom

:: Get dressed in something that makes you feel great today
        As a special request has come in that I document these clothes that make me feel great each day, I may try to start posting a picture daily. So without further ado, my clothes: Yellow and cream striped shirt with light blue tank top and bright blue skinny jeans. (Don't pay attention to the messy bedroom - obviously it didn't stay clean very long after the day it was assigned last week!)

:: Make a list of 5-7 specific tasks to accomplish today based on your week goal list
       - Go watch a friend's band play (will be heading out soon!)
       - Day 9 Assignment (in the works)
       - Buy any supplies needed for my Christmas craft list I'll be working on next week. (COMPLETE!)
       - Okay, that's all I'm asking of myself to do today....

:: Set timer for 15 minutes and do a quick clean of your bathroom.
       This is definitely something I should be doing weekly, considering all of my hair that falls onto the floor and makeup that gets left out! Maybe eventually I'll start 'deep cleaning' specific parts of the bathroom more often to...but that might just be a pipe dream, folks.


:: Clean your light switch plates
       Look at me! I was all on top of this yesterday so already had this task complete! Wahooooo